Some of the NGO Partners that our chapter works with.

Links to fishing news and information,

  • Check out this web site produced by Jason Neuswanger for lots of information on insects, fly tying pattern, fish feeding habits and more.  Click here!
  •  Here's a WDFW site with lots of information about fishing opportunities in our state.  Click on this link,  Fish Washington
  • Here's a link to the Save Our Wild Salmon web site.  Click on this link, click here.
  • Here's a fishing report from Creekside Angling in Issaquah.  Click here.
  • To learn about activities to determine the status of Coastal Cutthroat Trout, click here
Links to your government representatives,
  • To contact your congressional representative, go to this web site. 
  • To contact your senator in Washington D.C., go to this web site.
  • To find your Washington state legislature senators and representatives, go to this web site. 
 Other links of interest,
Here are some sponsors and friends of our chapter.

Orvis                                 Snoqualmie Tribe

                                                          Save Lake Sammamish


Mis Sound Fisheries                                    Save Lake Sammamish

Issaquah Brew Pub   

Friends of Lake Sammamish